Day of Rest

If you have ever watched Biggest Loser, you know that week two is usually the hardest week for weight loss.  The first week is always the bigger drop because of water weight loss and the shock to your system.  I think that is going to be true for me when I weigh in tomorrow, but as of today I am down .6 from last week so if I even go down 1 lb I will be happy.  I weight in on Mondays because that keeps me more honest over the weekend.

This past week was challenging for my workouts.  Some days I felt like I was working out while wading through mud.  Sundays are always my rest day and I am grateful for the day off today.  

Now, here is the Sunday challenge.  The first three Sundays of the month we go to different family members' houses for dinner.  The first Sunday we go to my dad and step-mom's house.  Dinner is typically roast, mashed potatoes, peas or corn swimming in butter, fruit often sprinkled with sugar, and whatever green salad I bring.  At this point in time, 90% of the food is not food I can eat.  Not that I don't want to eat it, but if I did, the next day I would be swollen and my hands would be numb.  I know this because I have spent years experiencing it.  

The second Sunday we go to my husband's parents' house.  My mother-in-law has been incorporating more meatless meals into Sunday dinners.  Last weekend we had lentil soup and french bread and salad, and then she made panini sandwiches for those who would eat them.  

The third Sunday we often go to my aunt and uncle's house.  For the past several months that has meant ham and funeral potatoes.  Tonight we are going to my cousin's newly built cabin and that is what we are having.  I told her I would bring a big green salad and a pot of beans (I'm making bean chili with an 8 bean mix that I got at Costco).  

It's rude to bring food that I can eat to family dinners.  I realize that.  I also don't have a choice if I want to feel good the next day.  I would rather be there to socialize and visit with family than to stay home because I can't eat the food, so I plan accordingly and hope that people understand.  I have had a few family members tell me that I am "just fine" how I am.  I'm 40 lbs overweight with health problems.  I don't see that as just fine.  My goal to lose weight isn't vanity - it's a necessity.  For me as well as my husband.  

What are your biggest challenges when it comes to healthy eating other than your own ability to sabotage yourself?


  1. For me it's peer pressure. I can resist alcohol and other substances all day long but baked goods and white meat-I struggle with telling people no on those. And people really do get so offended by my food choices! I just had a comment on my blog from a reader (who doesn't know me at all except through what she reads on my blog) getting mad at me for "following" the crowd when it comes to soy milk and not doing my research. It's dumb that some folks worry more about other people's diets then their own.

  2. Sorry, but I think you're's not rude at all to bring food to a dinner like that. As your family, I hope we all realize that you are doing what is best for your health right now and would be totally supportive of you, even if it meant you couldn't eat the food we made. I always loved you bringing salads :-).

    Besides my own lack of willpower, I think it's my husbands attitude that makes it difficult for me to eat healthy. Every time I try to incorporate more healthy options, I get resistance. Now, it's not always complete rejection, although that does happen, but it is always me with some complaining which of course gives kids an excuse to complain too. He's making progress but we've still got a long way to go.