Hip Hop Hustle is...Dance Jam!

Remember my total obsession with Dance Jam on Wednesday nights a few years ago?  I may have dragged a few of you and may have blogged about it fairly often.  Well...the woman that I am training with to become a Turbokick Instructor in March works for Chalene Johnson and she teaches....wait for it...at Lifetime Fitness...wait for it...

Dance Jam!

It's actually Chalene's Hip Hop Hustle renamed.  Saweet!  Gives me something else to certify in later.
Today Shukria Stewart posted a video of Chalene from last week when she was teaching one of the Park City classes.  I thought it was inspirational and fun.  She's so motivating and I love her energy.  

Saturday is Beachbody's Super Saturday and they are announcing the new products to the coaches.  Word is that there will be 7 new products released this year.  I already know about Tropical Shakeology, which will be vegan.  All over that!  

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