The Challenge Begins

Last night my neighborhood Health & Fitness Group met for the first time.  There were 13 of us and every one of us came to the group with different experiences and challenges.  For some it is health issues, for others it is wanting to lose weight.  We went around the room and did a "Why are you here?" discussion and it was fascinating!  Some of the things included:

"My friends and family have told me that I am the most unhealthy person they know."
"I am surrounded by skinny people who eat whatever they want, or people whose idea of dieting is to eat one bowl of ice cream instead of two."
"I have health issues and I want to learn how to control them with nutrition."
"I don't know how to make time for myself to exercise with four young children."

Some of the women have a strong background in nutrition and some have a strong background in exercise.  Some don't even know where to start.

After we went around the room, we took the time to write down our Health & Fitness goals, as well as how long every day we are willing to commit to achieving those goals.  My goals include the following:

Certify as a Turbokick Instructor (registered for the class to certify on March 31st)
Attend Camp Do More in July with Chalene Johnson (four day training classes for instructors in Anaheim)
Be at my goal weight by Camp Do More.

I am willing to commit two hours a day to achieve these goals.  One hour a day for exercise, and one hour a day increasing my education on food and nutrition by reading different books that interest me. 

I really enjoyed the group and the support and I am grateful to the women that showed up because this will help me stay focused and accountable as well.  We are meeting weekly in January, and then will switch to once a month and do more stuff online.  I'm excited to see what changes take place in these women as well as myself! 

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  1. Sounds like the night was a success! Hopefully I'll be able to make it over some time.

    PS - I love your goals and I know that you'll accomplish them!