I Like a Bit of Fitbit

Have y'all heard of Fitbit?  Can I get away with saying y'all? 

Bestie and I got my husband a Fitbit for his birthday, and then I had some credit with Amazon so I ordered one for myself.  I am as addicted to this little thing like I am addicted to Pinterest. It's similar to a Body Bugg (I think?).  Basically you just wear it around (I attach it to...well, this is a family friendly blog!) and it calculates the number of calories you burn in a day, the number of steps you take, stairs you climb, etc.  You can also log in your food on the website and it will tell you how many more calories you can eat.  For example, today I burned (so far) 2257 calories.  I have eaten 1431 calories.  So a deficit of around 831 calories today.  My hope is that I will get up to around 1000 calorie deficit daily without going under 1400 calories so that I can lose about 2 lbs per week.  

I was actually fairly surprised at my numbers today.  I just got it yesterday, so today was my first full day of tracking.  I would have guessed that I burn more in a day, but now I know I need to up the number of steps that I take if I want to reach the 10,000 recommended.  Today was a busy day, too.  I cleaned the house so I took more steps than I probably normally do.  I'll have to work on that.  Regardless, I am intrigued by this little thing.  I plugged in my goal and it said, "You will achieve your goal by August 2012 at your current rate."  Kind of fun to see that.  I also paid attention during my workout today (Turbofire HIIT30 and Les Mills Pump & Burn) and I only burned 350 calories for the full hour.  I realize that the weight training always shows up differently, but it made me realize that I should probably step it up a bit in my workouts as far as intensity DURING the workout.  Good to know.

If you are trying to lose weight I would definitely recommend it.  Plus, it's a gadget, and we all love our gadgets.

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