Minerva Place - Coming Soon! Pre-enroll now!

Minerva Place is destined to become the premiere home on the web to bring physicians and experts in the field of diet and exercise together.  They are offering people the opportunity to create their own business within Minerva Place.  
What are the top 5 things that makes Minerva Rewards so exciting?
5. We have a traffic academy to help you get more business to your microstore.
4. You have a microstore! (Filled with items that support the great content delivered by Minerva Place.)
3. Content is delivered by 75+ experts in their field (the most content rich site for health and beauty).
2. Our mission is to combat and prevent childhood obesity.
1. It's the world's most innovative business opportunity and you have a chance to introduce your contacts so that they have VIP access!
It is an opportunity to affiliate with the elite in the health and wellness industry.  Sign up now in order to be a part of Minerva Rewards, where you can earn affiliate $$ off of the products that people purchase.  And the biggest part of it, and why I joined, is that their #1 goal is to combat and prevent childhood obesity, which is becoming a huge passion for me.
Click here to reserve your spot in Minerva Rewards before it launches! 

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