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Today I attended the National Beachbody Coach Super Saturday.  This is where they give us a preview of the products that are coming out this year.  There are quite a few!  I'm excited for what is to come and hope that some of the products benefit my Health & Fitness group this year.  While at the Super Saturday I was introduced to two women who have reclaimed their life with the Beachbody programs.  One has lost 120 lbs over the past year.  Another woman started the Beachbody programs when she was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  Her mother died of the same issues last May.  With a combination of Shakeology and one of the workout programs she lost 45 lbs, 28 inches, and was off her blood pressure medication in four months.  I have found myself through experience that the fight against my personal weight problems will never be found in a pill, a shot, drops, or surgery.  Food and nutrition are the only real weapons. 

1.  Tropical Shakeology - you already know that I love Shakeology.  I am partial to Chocolate because I use it as my afternoon snack and then I feel like I am just having a chocolate shake.  Except I am instead having a drink with 70 natural ingredients, protein, essential amino acids, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, no caffeine, gluten-free, and it is a low glycemic index food so it is great for diabetics who need to keep their blood sugar stable.  Tropical Shakeology will also be VEGAN which makes me happy because the other two flavors have whey protein.  It will be a huge benefit to vegans, who often don't have "Throw and Go" food choices.  While I don't think that any flavor of Shakeology should be a replacement for all fruits and vegetables, I think it is a great choice for a protein shake or meal-replacement shake that doesn't have all of the chemicals that most of them do.  I've been drinking it for two years on an almost daily basis and it has made a big difference in my digestion. 

2.  21 Day Ultimate Reset Cleanse Program -  Beachbody's Ultimate Reset 21-day cleanse program isn't about starving yourself. It's about bringing you back to the natural principles of how to eat, when to eat, and what to eat.  And after cleansing, the best part is what the Reset puts back into your body. Cellular nutrients. Metabolic enzymes. Essential minerals. Pre- and probiotics. It gives your body the complete nourishment it's been craving, and reminds it what it needs to do to help you function better afterward. It involves three phases and each is one week long. As your body systematically cleanses and detoxifies, it also becomes more efficient at processing the healthy food you're now eating—so you may naturally experience gradual weight loss.  Completing your 21-day cleanse program will help your body feel brand new, maybe for the first time in years. More energy, less fat, and better digestion.* The result? Your body will feel better than it has in years. 

3.   Les Mills PUMP - As you know, Les Mills PUMP was released just before the Holidays and is available NOW.  My bestie and I have now been adding it into our workout program for a week.  We combine it with Chalene Johnson's Turbofire.  They say it takes four weeks for YOU to notice a change, eight weeks for others to notice a change, and twelve weeks for the world to notice.  Well, after one week we have both noticed a huge change.  Both of us are feeling tighter, stronger, and more fit.  Just one week.  

4.  P90X Certification - Many people are huge fans of P90X and have asked that there be an option to certify as a P90X trainer.  It has finally arrived!  Online qualification training will be available at the end of January in the Team Beachbody store, and a 2-day intensive training for Certification is coming in late March 2012.  This is for anyone!  Not just coaches or Beachbody customers.  I am definitely putting this on my eventual list of Certifications.  P90X is hard, but I have done it and managed to come out alive and 20 inches smaller a few years ago.

5.  Energy and Endurance - E&E is a pre-workout drink that features a blend of advanced nitric oxide boosters, essential B vitamins, electrolytes, natural energizers, and an easy-to-absorb whole food base.  It goes along well with the Results and Recovery drink to help you have the energy and recovery you need for every workout.  It is available now in the Beachbody store.  Instead of Gatorade, try this!  

And finally, I put this out on my Health & Fitness Club group page on Facebook today.  
Fitness + Nutrition + Support = Success.

Sometimes it is hard to remember that it is a combination of all three that brings you the most success in your journey to ideal health! Often we make plans for success in our business, but health and business go hand in hand. If you feel crappy because of food choices, you are less productive, and there went a day of your life where you could have had success.  Consider every day a gift - because you only get it once.  
If you are interested in joining my online Health & Fitness Les Mills PUMP/Shakeology CHALLENGE Group starting February 1st, message me and I will give you the details. 

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