Reverse Engineering

I am on Day 9 of Chalene Johnson's PUSH and recently went through the Reverse Engineering process with some of my goals for 2012.  What a challenge!  I mean, I am great at saying, "I want to organize the house."  But, when it comes down to envisioning it finished and then moving backwards from that, the "cram until the last minute for the test" comes out.  What I have discovered about myself is that I often procrastinate until I have a huge chunk of time to finish EVERYTHING on a project instead of biting off little pieces, and then I get overwhelmed and cranky.  True, when it is done I am happy, but I might come up with alternative swear words in the process.  Sidenote to that: My cute grandmother when she wanted to swear would go around saying, "Cuss.  Cuss, cuss, cuss."  

So about that goal.  Organizing my house is actually on my 2012 list and I have designated Sunday mornings as my "What's going on this week?" and "Reverse Engineer this goal" timeframe.  I have to start with my office because it is just a disaster.  I'm really good at cleaning parts of it, but honestly - it's horrible.  I should take a before picture just for fun.  My first step is paperwork.  I need to shred a LOT of stuff and that is what the five kids I regularly have around are for.  So I put a bunch of the paperwork I need to go through into a giant bucket and while I watch Downton Abbey (at the recommendation of a few neighbors) I will be making piles.  Shred piles, file piles, put away in long term storage but can't throw away piles.  I literally have a filing cabinet to go through with old insurance policies and bills from 2007.  And I will only give myself an hour a day to do it until it is done.

Office - in, right now.

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  1. Posting this picture online will be motivation enough! (at least it was for me!) Go Heidi! I tend to do the same thing, put it off until I can spend hours on it. And who ever has that amount of time? A little bit a day is the way to go - good luck! (and I hope you love the show!)