Share Your Stories!

If you read this and are fans of green smoothies, tell me your story!  I have been asked to create and give a 1/2 hour presentation on how green smoothies have helped with health issues.  So far I have the following:

Sinus issues
ADHD - helping to calm kids with nutrients

I would love to hear your story and the difference it has made in your life so that I can share the experiences.  Please leave a comment, or if it is too personal and you don't want your name attached, email me here


  1. Heidi, I think I've told you that since I started the smoothies, I have less cravings, which to me means that I am getting all the nutrients I need. I have more energy, and I feel full. I use a smoothie for either breakfast or lunch, my full meal. This is silly, but for me it eliminates the stress of meal planning for one of the meals of the day. I have all the ingredients on hand and it's so fast and easy! I feel so much better and am losing weight as a bonus!

  2. Dear Heidi, as a friend and follower who HATES veggies but has recently lost 75 pounds through only dietary changes and regular exercise, I was THRILLED to find out that I could hide my veggies. I recognize the nutritional support, but I really dislike the taste and texture. So as you know, in November I started making them. My very favorite is spinach, banana and frozen strawberries, but I have experimented with carrots, beets, other greens, ect and all are good ways to get in your daily veggie and fruit count for those who struggle like myself. I have noticed that it helps curb my appetite, and it helps me get the fiber I need to feel satisfied and be regular.

    Recently my mother, who is obsese, had major heart surgery along with suffering with chronic illness for years of eating crap and not exercising. Even SHE I was able to get hooked and she emailed me just yesterday that she has been making her green smoothies to get her veggies in.

    I also made one for my mother in law who suffers dangerously high blood pressure and has had to refine a diet that has been based on casseroles for 50+ years. She was shocked that the green goo tasted GOOD! She now makes them as well.

    If more people spread the word about such simple changes that can be made to add things that are nutritious into their lives, our society would be way better off with much more health than we know.