Green Smoothie Girl Review

Last night I went to the Green Smoothie Girl seminar expecting...I don't know - information?  We left after the first hour due to extreme boredom.  First we had to listen to two doctors talk about the Mind Body connection and then...Body Wraps.  Really?  Body Wraps have anything to do with the Mind Body connection?  That was disappointing.  One of the doctors talked in absolute HORROR about how his upper limit for weight was 200 lbs.  There were plenty of people in the room that exceeded that weight.  Then he talked about how he lost 30 lbs, but that he still wasn't "tight" until he did the Body Wraps.  Fine, great, whatever - still has nothing to do with changing your mind in order to battle weight loss.  Big thumbs down - they gave no value whatsoever and then wanted people to buy the Body Wrap sessions.  Apparently, I was in the minority because the line for that was very long.

The Green Smoothie Girl was wearing what looked like a cut off prom dress.  It was very short and very tight and seemed like an extremely strange choice of apparel for someone who was going to be splashing fruits and veggies in a blender.  She started off with making a Hot Pink Smoothie that had no greens in it whatsoever.  When she was talking about the process she started with coconut water and said, "Coconut water is great because it is 10% fat...the good fat, 10% of....that other, protein.  And 80% of everything else like carbs."  

Now, I am a fan of coconut water in my smoothies, however, that analysis wasn't exactly inspiring and the fact that she spaced on the word "Protein" smacked of Rick Perry and his debate flub on what government entities he would cut.  This is her brand - GREEN SMOOTHIE GIRL - and she didn't put greens in her smoothie.  I actually didn't go up and wait in the line to taste it because I have all of the ingredients for it at home and figured I could just make it, but the people around me who did were not thrilled with the taste and kept making faces.  This was after she had giggled and said, "So like, I'm going to make you breakfast now.  You'll love it." 

It was at that point that I said, "There is no way I can sit through another hour and a half of this.  We have been here an hour and so far I have learned nothing."  So we left.  To be fair - it could have gotten better and more inspiring, but, I have attended some pretty incredible seminars that got me very motivated and excited, and this had to be the worst hour of presentation I have ever sat through.  I have several friends who have gone to other seminars she has done and loved them so hopefully this was just a bad night.  Otherwise, I am astonished at her success.  

I think I will stick to the Boutenko Family and their knowledge and experience. 


  1. Wow....sounds really disappointing! But you crack me up writing about it ;)

  2. I was worried about going to a class last night after reading of your experience. However, it was much better than I'd feared. She introduced a bio-dentist and provided a sign up sheet to meet him later, but he did not speak. The rest of the class consisted of her story, data backing health improvements, and raffle giveaways, which seemed a nice way to give sales info without any pressure at all. The smoothie samples at the end had greens in them. Perhaps staying for the entire class before providing a review would be more fair assessment. A friend who may have benefited didn't go with me after reading your review and that makes me sad. Just sharing to let you know the class was much improved 7/28/12.