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I will admit it, I really am not a fan of walking either on a treadmill or outside.  It is too passive for me.  Running is too monotonous.  I am all about choreography and roundhouse kicks.  I've been a fan of the roundhouse since Billy Blanks introduced me to it in his Taebo VHS tapes.  Speaking of roundhouse kicks, this was my Facebook status Monday night:

"I would totally be a female Ethan Hunt except for the whole heights thing. And running. Climbing buildings. I might struggle with codes. But the roundhouse kick - I would so rock that."

Back in about 1999 when I discovered Taebo (and from there my love for kickboxing style workouts) I also signed up to take a Weight Training class at NOVA Community College in Annandale, Virginia.  It was a ridiculous class because it was 3 hours straight, two times a week.  Who can lift weights 3 hours straight?  Well, maybe Ethan Hunt, but I digress.  Anyway, some of it was education and some of it was running and squats and all that, but a lot of it was heavy lifting.  I was doing that twice a week and Taebo every day and by the end of those six weeks I was a rockstar.  I could also run a couple of miles straight (remember - not a runner).  
So, in a nutshell, one of the things that Chalene Johnson talks about in her book PUSH is finding your soulmate workout - the one that you love and that you actually are excited to do.  Today I could hardly wait for my bestie to get here so that we could do Fire45 and Stretch10.  Of course, I have renewed excitement over it because of working out with Chalene, but still - it's my soulmate workout. 

What's yours?  I mean, what would get you up at 5am to workout if that was the only time you could do it?

You might find it here....

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  1. Walking. I love it. It's the best for me because I can walk fast. I like that on the treadmill I can choose my incline. Ask your mom-I'd get up at the buttcrack of dawn to walk... But I've also been known to get up at the buttcrack of dawn just to sit on your couch and watch you do Turbo fire;)