Three Weeks Down with Les Mills PUMP

Oh how I love this program.  Oh, how I do.  I love it, my husband loves it, my bestie loves's a beautiful thing.

This past week we added in Les Mills COMBAT to our workouts.  In a little while we will have done it three times this week.  I have strange muscles that are sore, and apparently haven't seen the light of day for years because of that workout.  I feel strong, tough, and I want to look like Rachel when I am done with the 90 days (she is one of the instructors).  

It's so wonderful to hear my husband complain about how sore he is.  He wants to repeat the program when we are done.  I can't even express how happy I am that he is so motivated by Hard Core Abs.  He will laugh at that statement since he had to do it three times this week.  

This week we advanced to Les Mills Pump and Burn as part of our schedule.  It's 10 minutes longer and there are no lunges which makes me happy.  I am amazed that after three weeks I can see such a huge difference in my strength.  The "Rep Effect" really does work!  Yesterday I did Turbofire Sculpt30 and could probably do way more of it because of the muscles I am developing from PUMP.  

I am part of a challenge group on facebook who are all doing the PUMP program right now and we all love it.  Some of us are Beachbody Coaches, but some of us are just people who love to work out and try new programs.  Having done P90X, Turbofire, Turbojam, Slim in Six, and Hip Hop Abs, it is fantastic to have the opportunity to be one of the pioneers trying this out.  

I am happy to report that the Health & Fitness Club that I started in my neighborhood is doing well.  Several women are losing weight and are feeling better.  On Wednesday we are going to discuss meal planning and how to keep it simple.  Amazingly - I got our power bill last week and it has gone DOWN $30 a month!  I would say it is the warm weather, but that is the gas bill.  My guess is that it is because we rarely use the oven anymore to cook our meals.  Love that side benefit.  

Off to Combat and Pump and Burn for my Saturday morning workout.  Three weeks down, 6 lbs down.  Six weeks until I turn 40. 

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