Layering Meals

Our meals are SO simple these days.  Dinner used to be a huge headache for me.  Now we just keep it very easy.  My oven is rarely on.  In fact, believe it or not, the power bill has gone down $30 a month since we switched to a plant-based diet.  Amazing the difference!

Tonight we had tacos/salad.  Often we come up with beans/rice/quinoa dishes that we can put on top of a salad, make into a stew, or put in tacos.  It literally consisted of making a big thing of brown rice and opening two cans of beans and a can of corn.  Then I chopped up lettuce, opened the package of taco shells, opened the container of mango salsa, and cut up an avocado.  Total calories for the adults?  Around 300.  Total nutrients?  A LOT.

11 grams of fat, primarily from the avocado
12 grams of protein
17 grams of fiber
49 grams of carbohydrates (net 32 if you subtract the fiber)

Really simple meal and we still have about half of the brown rice/bean mix left so we will be making it again tomorrow or Sunday for lunch.  

The kids ate every bite and asked for more.

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