Gearing Up for Day One!

The March Sanity Challenge Group starts tomorrow!  The participants have their assignments and we have our first group call tomorrow night to go over our first week's goals.  So exciting! 

In the meantime, it is such a small world.  One of the women in my challenge group grew up down the street from my dad and step-mom's house (where I spent my summers).  Her sister came to our Saturday morning FitClub last week.  Turns out that her sister and my sister knew each other growing up.  This happens to me fairly often, but it never ceases to amaze me.  

On Saturday I taught a green smoothie class at the local fire department for the Ladies' Auxillary/Family Association.  We have a beautiful, brand new fire department that was built last year and is right across the street from my kids' school.  There is a large community center that they allow anyone to reserve and use, so we are planning to do a FitClub up there.  They have a huge drop down screen and the room can be partitioned off to be two separate rooms.  

One of the women in my challenge group is a long-distance (half marathons, Ragnar) runner.  She decided to become a Beachbody Coach so that she can help her running friends cross-train with Beachbody programs to build their strength.  Many are so conditioned from running, but they haven't been building lean muscle mass.  She has seen a huge difference in the past few weeks from doing both.  Plus, she loves Shakeology and it is an ideal post-run drink to get nutrients back into your body.

This past week was 8 weeks of Les Mills PUMP.  We are now into the 3x a week 55 minute workouts that are HARD.  It's funny that when we are doing lunges, we long for squats.  When we hit the Ab workout at the end, we are RELIEVED.  I absolutely love it!  I'm excited to have the next 5 weeks with the longer workouts to see how much things change.  At the end of the month I am going to Turbokick certification so I am cross training and using Turbofire as my cardio.

On Friday night we tested our endurance and went to a '70s Zumba party at a dance studio with a friend of mine who is an instructor.  After an hour and 15 minutes we finally left because we were starving, but we could have stayed the whole 90 minutes.  We were amazed at how long it took us to get our heart rates up because our workouts are usually so much more intense.  I'm really glad that my endurance and strength is increasing so much with the program I am doing!

It's going to be a fantastic (and busy) week!  I hope yours is wonderful as we head into Spring!

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