Strong Not Skinny

If I hadn't been publicly boycotting the Oscars (and secretly watching part of it) I would have been live tweeting it.  I used to love the Oscars before I stopped watching rated R movies.  Then every movie nominated was gritty and rated R so it held little interest.  Then they started nominating 10 movies so I grudgingly decided I would watch the second half.  

Then they didn't nominate Harry Potter 7.2.  I vowed I would not watch one single second in protest.  Then I got home from dinner with the in-laws and turned on the telly (I am reading The Londoner which means my alter ego British girl named Charlotte is coming out) and took a look at the apparently anorexic Angelina Jolie and thought, "Why on earth am I watching this?"

I totally get (well, not really, having never done it) the red carpet pressure.  I can equate it to Prom, or my wedding.  The whole thing with the dress and the waistline and all that.  Yup, got it.  However, really?  It just isn't attractive.  At.  All. 

Have you ever noticed that really skinny supermodels don't smile?  It's because when they are that skinny their smile takes up their entire face and they look weird.  

Anyway, enough of the cattiness...I am just glad that I boycotted the Oscars.  And that a PG-13 movie won Best Picture.  And that Meryl Streep won again. 

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