Meet The First Challenge Group!

Starting March 1st, the Get in Shape for Summer Challenge will be in full swing!  We have one spot left with a few people interested.  Once that spot is full, I will start reserving spots for the Challenge starting April 1st.  I wanted to introduce the amazing women in the first group!

Even though Loree has been part of this entire process, she is joining the first Challenge Group to continue with her weight loss goals.  She has lost a little more than 40 lbs, and is looking to lose 40 more by the summer.  Loree has first hand experience with this process and will be a fantastic addition to the group because she has had so much success with the methods that will be taught!  Loree decided to become a Beachbody Coach so that she would be able to help other people with their weight loss goals. 

Cynthia had her third baby three months ago and is joining the Challenge Group to help her lose some of the baby weight as well as continue learning about nutrient based eating.  Cynthia is a natural birth coach and is committed to helping women to have healthy and natural pregnancies, as well as getting the weight off afterward! 

Karen loves running and has four active kids!  She works full time and was looking for ways to have better nutrition as she found she was turning to convenience store shelves.  Karen tried Shakeology and loved it, and plans to implement it in her 90 day plan to help her get additional nutrients while she is on the go. 

Londyn has five very active boys!  She works part time and also serves on the school PTO Board.  Busy is hardly a word that covers it!  After a very stressful year last year, she is ready to shed the weight and be a fun mom with the energy to play with her kids.  Londyn is absolutely hilarious and will keep this group laughing.

The Final Spot....this could be you.  I have a few people who are interested for a variety of reasons.  Come join us!

What you get: 
A complete Beachbody workout program that is right for your current level of fitness
One month of Shakeology to try (bottom of the bag guarantee)
One month of free access to the Team Beachbody website where you can track your workouts, get mealplans, and find other people doing the same program!  
90 days of coaching with me including personal weekly accountability calls, weekly group calls, and accountability buddies
The Education, Evolution, Endurance Program that I have created that will turn up your metabolism!

If the time is not right for you to start now, the next Group Challenge will start April 1st.  Curious about which program is right for you?  Watch the videos and see what gets you excited!

Beachbody Challenge Packs

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