Simpler is Gooder

The main questions I get asked about when it comes to eating include:

Do you eat bread?

What about sweets?

What about carbs?

Where do you get your protein?

Do you count calories?

So these are my answers:

Do you eat bread?  Yes, I eat bread.  I don't eat it every day.  I look for whole grain breads with seeds and other nutrients as often as possible.  

What about sweets?  Daily?  No.  It depends on what you mean by Sweets.  I have a bunch of recipes on my recipe blog with recipes that I make when the mood strikes.  If I am at a birthday party I have a very small slice if it looks good.  I try to stick to sweets about once a week on Sundays because that is when we have family dinners.

What about carbs?  I don't have a fear of carbs.  I just don't eat refined carbs.  I am working out doing Les Mills PUMP and Turbo Fire an hour a day.  Carbs are a necessity.  However, I use them for fuel, which means complex carbs with nutrients.  That includes rolled oats, whole wheat berries (we usually ground our own flour because we have a nutrimill), brown rice, and quinoa.  Part of my coaching program includes very simple ways to include these in your diet.

Where do you get your protein?  Protein is in almost everything, including plants.  Plant based protein is easier to digest.  I don't count protein grams because I eat a lot of beans and green smoothies and other vegetables that have protein.  As I mentioned, I do an hour of workouts daily and my muscle seems to be building just fine!

Do you count calories?  Sometimes.  When I find that I am stuck and not losing for a couple of weeks, I will jump back on and start tracking.  That helps me adjust or make changes on the types of foods that I am eating.  I also up my vegetables when I hit that plateau, up my weights in Les Mills PUMP, and stick to eating grains in the morning and salads with beans in the evenings.  I eat very simple foods these days!

If you really want to experience a change, consider a Challenge Pack!  Each Challenge Pack includes your choice of workout and a 30 day supply of Shakeology.  Yesterday the new Tropical Shakeology flavor came out!  Shakeology has a bottom of the bag guarantee, and when used in conjunction as a meal or snack with one of the 90 day workouts above, many people lose significant amounts of weight.  Just ask Loree! 

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  1. I need the "nutty ball" recipe please. It cleaned us all out-although it hit the kids in the middle of Sam's Club and Kendrick on the way to work and he had to stop at a gas station...
    Anyway, we are needing some more of those bad boys;)