Four Day Weekend

This year my kids' school has some pretty random breaks.  We don't have a full week of Spring Break, but we have strange four day weekends here and there.  I hate it.  They are too short to go anywhere significant, and just long enough that the kids kind of drive me nuts being home.  The benefit is that I theoretically get to "sleep in" for a few days and by that I mean 6:30am instead of 6:00am.  You would think I was getting up that early to work out, but I don't until around 4:00pm when Loree gets home from teaching.  

Plus, I have a Kindergartner in half day so I can't really dive into any major projects because I am driving back and forth to the school a few times a day.  I can only do short term projects like laundry.  I keep thinking I will save major projects for four day weekends, but then the kids are home and if I work on major projects then they turn into electronics monsters after playing the Wii all day.  Do you see my situation here?  No?  Not, yet?  

This is what I feel like doing today.  My "are you sure you want a cattle dog, because they are high maintenance and run a lot" dog spends 3/4 of the day sleeping.  Every once in a while he shows some sort of enthusiasm, and that wears him out and he takes another nap.  He even sleeps through the night.  It's like having a perpetual newborn around.  When he isn't doing this, he is usually trying to climb into my lap.  He believes that he is a lap dog.  

Tonight we are having dinner guests who requested that I make a plant based whole food meal.  So I am going to make this:

Except I use about half the oil required because otherwise it is just too much.  We had it a few weeks ago and loved it.  I probably ought to get on this because it needs to be refrigerated most of the day.  Except that I need to go get my Kindergartner in half an hour.  I just got up to check to see if I had some sesame oil left and Indy got up and followed me into the kitchen.  Then when I sat back down to finish typing, he went right back to the same spot, sighed, and went back to sleep. 

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