Soulmate Workout - Healer

As promised a few weeks ago, I am continuing the Soulmate Workout series today with the Healer.  I have many people in my life who believe they are Healers when they are really one of the other energy types.  I have slightly more Healer in me than Oracle, but not much.  I'm working on that.

Healer Strengths:
1.  Ability to plan with great attention to detail.
2.  Connect the present with the future by creating the plan to get there.
3.  Live life from the heart, aware of connections being made with others.
4.  Bring in details through inspiration and clarity.
5.  Thinking through actions, as well as making sure that everyone is involved.
6.  Tend to be very patient.

Healer Weaknesses:
1.  Stuck in gathering more details at the cost of action.
2.  Feel weak and wimpy, allowing others to walk all over them.
3.  Struggle to learn from the past or envision the future.
4.  Avoid connecting with others because of feeling low or depressed (consequence of giving all of their heart and energy to others).
5.  Details become overwhelming so they brood over situations instead of taking action.

Healers are much less interactive when it comes to working out.  They are the runners and walkers of the world.  They tend to want to "plug in" and shut out the world.  They also tend to like yoga because it is more of a spiritual workout and doesn't require high energy.  When a healer is strong, they are generally out walking and will take someone with them on the walk so that they can connect.  When a healer is weak, they go solo or don't go at all.  

My recommendations for a Healer workout are:

10 Minute Trainer - Tony Horton only works out with one person, as though he is training them.  Because of that, it is less overwhelming for Healers because they don't feel like they are in a class.  It is also a fast workout that supplements walking or running well because it is total body, including resistance.  The program is set up so that you can do either 10 minutes at the end of a walk, or you can combine workouts for a solid half hour or more.  

ChaLean Extreme - Chalene Johnson's strength workouts are very slow with heavy weights, designed to fatigue the muscle in a smaller number of reps.  Where Les Mills PUMP goes for lighter weights and the "rep effect", Chalene is very focused on the details. 

Slim in Six - Debbie Sievers's program combines cardio and light resistance while you tighten and sculpt the muscles.  The choreography is not at all difficult, but it is still a challenge and you can adjust your intensity.  Slim in Six also has a Slim and Shake Special package that includes Shakeology, or you can buy Slim in Six in the Challenge Pack for $5 less. 

Like all of the other programs, these include a schedule to follow, online support groups, and and eating plan.  For Healers this is perfect, because they have a clear objective and plan to follow and therefore understand that they can be successful at it. 

Next up - Soulmate Workout - Visionary

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