Marketing Genius

My 8 year old son started hounding his Scout leader about coming to our weekly Health & Fitness Club.  He told her that she needed to work out with us, and gave her a run down of all of the benefits of Green Smoothies.  So she started coming on Wednesdays to the club, then started showing up on Saturday mornings to work out with me, and has been drinking Green Smoothies for a month now and her sinus issues have subsided.  She also started drinking Shakeology and loves it.  So much so that she decided to become a Beachbody Coach.  She and her husband are now doing P90X and she is training for all of the Spring running opportunities around here (of which there are many).

I am so excited that Karen has joined our team, because she is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry (she is a pharmacy tech), but would rather do things to avoid prescription meds.  She has even switched the Scout snacks to healthy snacks instead of candy, which makes this mama happy!

Even better, I love that my son is seeing the benefits of eating healthy foods and is sharing his experience with anyone who will listen.  In spite of the fact that he claims he is made fun of by friends, he still takes steamed veggies to lunch every day, and they are gone when he gets home.  The war against Childhood Obesity starts like everything else - in the home. 

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