Vote for your Favorite Floorplan

In an ideal universe if all of the stars align, we would like to someday build a house again.  We built this house close to 8 years ago after three days of searching, so we are doubling it and adding years and taking 6 years to ponder the next one.  As it stands, it will be years before we build (probably), but this is what is on my mind this morning.  I go through this once a year, usually around this time, because as I approach my birthday I face mortality and the fact that I really want my daughter to have a larger closet and my husband to have a workshop in the garage so he can finish building my bookshelves in my basement.

I know - that doesn't make sense since we would be in a new house.

So here are some of the options we looked at recently.  My mom would be moving into the house with us, so we are looking at rather large houses to allow her the independence and sanity she needs.

 Hanover - Ivory Homes

The advantage of the Hanover is that there is a bedroom/living room/bathroom area on the main floor that could be reconfigured as a suite for my mom.  It would be "move-in" ready, without having to finish the basement.  The basement could be left unfinished just for storage, or we could finish part of it for a guest space.  Ivory Homes will build on the lot that my mom bought a few years ago.

You will have to click on the link to see the floor plan because I am apparently incapable of saving the images.  The advantage of this house is that it has an entire area that could be for my mom on the main floor, and the master is on the main floor as well.  The disadvantage is that we would have to finish two bedrooms and a bathroom in the basement just to move in.   The other disadvantage is that this is a really huge house and rather hard to clean (which is what I call overly huge houses), and Richmond American won't build on another lot.  However, this community is fairly close to the kids' school, where the lot is further away.  

Which one do you like the best?  


  1. I prefer the Ivory Homes one. I like the design better and feel the other one might be too much home, like you said. Is the kids school k-8 or k-6 right now? If you're not going to build for a few years then by the time it's done, they'd almost be out of that school anyway depending on what grade it goes up to.

  2. I have nothing good to say about Richmond America as I have never heard anything positive about them- especially from our friends who built houses with them. So I say-go with Ivory. Plus, that house is pretty!