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Last night at my neighborhood Health Club we talked about gardening, specifically growing greens for green smoothies.  Now is the time to think about Spring crops.  Then we talked about sprouting, chia seeds, coconut oil, and all of the other things that I love to incorporate into my eating.  They requested a blog post with links to all of these things so this is it!

Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew - the man who revolutionized square foot gardening.  I use Mel's Mix for most of my planting and replenish the compost every year.  

Seed Starter Flower House - this is the greenhouse that fit over my 3x3 square foot gardens.  I have used it for several years and will buy a new one this year.  It is also great to put out on a deck, put over strawberries so that birds don't eat them, and for year round lettuce planting. 
Flower House Pop Up Plant House - if you want something a little taller to go over a 4x4 square foot garden, this is a great option!  You can weigh it down with pavers or tent stakes.  

Wheat Grass Powder - I sometimes add 1/2 to a full scoop of wheat grass powder to my green smoothies when I need a powerful boost of nutrients.  Because of Shakeology, I don't do more than that, but, if you don't have the benefit of Shakeology in your life (and you should),  this will help.

Nutiva Coconut Oil - I have this on Subscribe and Save to get it even cheaper, and it comes every 3 months.  I use this often in place of butter - on toast, on popcorn, on veggies, etc.  Nutiva has a very light coconut flavor that I love.  I also use it as a face moisturizer and on my hair when it gets dry in the winter.  It's also great for dry, chapped lips. 

Seed Sprouting Jar - I have two of these and I use them to soak nuts and seeds for sprouting.  I always sprout quinoa in this jar and just leave it and rinse and drain a few times a day until it sprouts.  I then put sprouted quinoa on salads or a little bit in smoothies to get the live enzymes. 
Victorio Two Tray Kitchen Garden Sprouter - After I soak seeds like beans or alfalfa, I spread them out in my sprouting tray to let them grow.  I like the two tray because I can grow different seeds on different levels and stack them.

Sprouting Seed Super Sampler - I got this to try out a bunch of different seeds to see which ones I like the best.  

Organic Chia Seeds - I put chia seeds on oatmeal, in green smoothies, and add them to energy balls.  These are powerful little seeds, rich in omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, and some rare antioxidants.  When soaked, they turn into a gel that expands in your stomach and helps keep you full.  Shakeology contains chia seeds and wheat grass powder.

PB2 and Chocolate PB2 - Chalene Johnson introduced me to this product.  I recently bought it to try it out in my Shakeology and in my oatmeal instead of peanut butter.  I really like it!  It is much lower in calories and fat, but retains the peanut butter flavor. 
Bob's Red Mill Ground Flax Seed - I have been buying Bob's flax seed for years and just keeping it in the refrigerator.  I add it to pancakes, muffins, energy bites, oatmeal, etc.  It is high in Omegas and ALAs as well as fiber.  I don't usually buy whole flax seed even though we have a grinder, because I like Bob's and it is convenient.  Note:  If you don't grind it, the seed is essentially useless.  The nutrients are trapped inside!  

Vita Coco Coconut Water - You can buy a case of this at Costco as well.  Coconut water is very hydrating so when you are sick it really helps.  However, to just drink it is...not my favorite.  I use it as a base for green smoothies when I feel I need it.  

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