Shhhhh...I am Escaping!

I have wanted to attend one of Kim Flynn's seminars for over a year.  Then she bought a cabin in Bear Lake and started doing Business Intensive Retreats for women in business and I started salivating.  So for my birthday we had decided that I could go to one.  Then our garage door opener broke and we ended up with an $800 car repair and it didn't seem possible.  So I gave up on the idea, until Kim emailed me and made me an offer I couldn't refuse.  Have I mentioned I love Kim?!  She helped me get past a mental block about a group of people that I didn't even realize I had a block against and it really changed my perspective.  

So this weekend I get to escape to a cabin in Bear Lake with other like-minded women in business and learn systems and marketing concepts that will help me with all of these ideas swimming in my head.  And since right now I am managing three different small businesses, I could use the help!

And yes, I am taking my Vitamix.  And stopping at Costco on the way to pick up my greens and fruit.  And bringing my Les Mills PUMP Combat DVD.  I'm getting to be a creature of habit. 

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  1. Have fun! I hate Bear Lake. But I go under different circumstances. (50 people = 1 bathroom)