A Beautiful Day

Bestie and me on my 40th Birthday
It's about 48 degrees out, and last week we had a freak snowstorm.  I say freak because we are so used to no snow this winter, that it freaked everyone out.  Today it is gorgeous and sunny and it makes me want to start a garden.  Then I whisper, "Patience, young grasshopper."  

I will be starting it after Spring Break (read: Easter).  I need to get the yard cleaned up first, and then I need to bring in some compost, vermiculite, and peat moss to mix up in my raised beds.  Then I need to figure out how I am going to keep the dog from beating up my garden this summer.  That is a great deal to ponder during the month of March.

I am going to start with Spring crops such as kale, carrots, green lettuce, etc.  Oh, and radishes to make my husband happy.  I won't do Summer crops until June 1st because I have experienced that disaster.  I really want to get my greens going for my smoothies.  

So this past weekend, I turned 40.  I got to see lots and lots of friends and family.  Then, because I slacked off on my green smoothies and overconsumed sugar in honor of myself, I got a headcold.  So I'm grumpy in spite of the beautiful weather outside.  I'm actually hibernating and putting recipes on my recipe blog for the day.   My March 1st Challenge Group is in full swing!  My mid-March Challenge Group starts March 19th.  

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