Two Month Stats with Les Mills PUMP

Month two of Les Mills Pump is over and the theme of the month seems to be "Make Adjustments".  We went from 30 minute workouts to 55 minute workouts with new tracks that tested new muscles.  I have to say that after 60 days of this, I am not sick of it at all!  I got burnt out on P90X after 8 weeks, but I still love these trainers and love feeling like I am improving every day.

Because we have increased to 55 minute workouts, that is all we do three times a week, and the other three days include two days of 45-60 minute Turbofire/Combat, and one day of 30 minute Turbofire and Hard Core Abs.  There is ab work in each of the 55 minute workouts as well, but it isn't as intense and you don't do as many planks as Hard Core Abs.  

What I have found with the Les Mills PUMP group on Facebook, is that as the 60 day stats roll in, most of us have lost 3-4 lbs this month.  I have definitely had to increase my calories, and I am hungry all day long.  I have seen a change in my fitbit numbers as my overall calorie burn has gone up so my BMR is increasing.  That is a great thing!  I love food!  I like to eat!  I like to eat and still lose weight! 

Loree has had similar results and boy do I wish I could post her before and after pictures!  I promised that I wouldn't until day 90, so you have to wait another month.  It's really exciting to see the changes - she has lost a full inch in each arm.  In fact, I will share those stats.

Loree - 
Inches lost
L arm: 1"
R arm: 1"
Chest: 1"
Waist: 1"
Hips: 3"
L thigh: 1 1/2"
R thigh: 1 1/2"

Heidi - 
Inches lost
L arm: 1/2"
R arm: 1"
Chest: 3"
Waist: 2 1/2"
Hips: 2"
L thigh: 2"
R thigh: 2"

Now, it hasn't just been exercise.  While we haven't eaten as clean this month, we still have been sticking to the lifestyle changes that we have made overall.  Now that we have figured out we need to eat more in order to fuel the longer workouts, we are confident that this last month will bring us closer to our goals.  It doesn't stop there, though!  We are making plans for our next 90 days after this.  It's not about a diet, it is about a lifestyle.  We love our lifestyle!

Kia Kaha!

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