Ramping up for the Next 90 Days

Bestie and I have gone back and forth a few times on what we want to do for our next 90 day program.  I love love love Les Mills PUMP and could keep doing it long term.  However, we also are getting Turbokick certified and want to practice that, so we have decided to do another hybrid, but this time we will be doing more Turbofire.  Our schedule will look something like this:

Monday: Turbofire
Tuesday: Les Mills PUMP Revolution (55 minutes)
Wednesday: Turbofire
Thursday: Les Mills PUMP Extreme (55 minutes)
Friday: Turbofire
Saturday: Les Mills PUMP and Burn (30 minutes) and Fire30

We will follow the Turbofire schedule primarily, and just use Les Mills PUMP for our weight training.  That will mix it up a bit I think.  

The Challenge Groups are going well!  I have one group starting week four, and another group started today.  The next group starts April 1st, but we are doing things a bit differently and creating different accountability groups for people who don't want to be coaches...yet.  

If you are interested, let me know.  You choose your coach!  I will have details on all of the coaches later this week so that you know who you want to work with.  They will be your go-to person on the new Sanity Challenge Personal Journal System.  I will still be doing weekly calls, and will focus on training the people who come in as coaches as well.  This allows the coaches on my team to use their strengths as well.  

The Sanity Coaches include:

A Running Coach who is interested in helping people cross train for relays and races.

A Natural Birth Coach who helps women who are recovering from birth find joy and recover their health and fitness.

A Coach who focuses on helping mothers who are 30-something get through blocks that prevent them from living their lives to the fullest.

A Fitness over 50 Coach for women who want to be healthy Baby Boomers.

A Coach who is a teacher who wants to help other teachers and moms who work outside of the home to avoid the pitfalls of the lunchroom/teachers' lounge goodies.

A Mom of Twins with four kids who wants to enter her 30s happy, healthy, and medication free.

If any of these women sound like a good fit for you, email me!  The cost for the 90 day program is $12 a month (billed quarterly).   It includes:

 - Your own Sanity Challenge Personal Journal
 - Access to the Team Beachbody Club Website
 - An Accountability Coach who is your go-to for all of your questions
 - An Accountability Partner who you will talk to weekly about your successes
 - A weekly group call to go more in-depth on the different aspects of the Sanity Challenge

If you decide to join as a coach, you choose your Challenge Pack!  $160, $180, or $205 depending on your program.  It includes:

 - A complete Beachbody workout of your choice
 - A 30 day bottom of the bag guarantee supply of Shakeology (Chocolate, Greenberry, or Tropical)
 - One on one coaching with me - training includes being a Beachbody Coach, a Sanity  - Challenge Coach, and the opportunity to go through the Sanity Challenge Health & Fitness Program
 - The opportunity to make money and build a home based business based on Health & Fitness
There will be a new group starting each month!  You can be long distance or right around the corner. 

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