Video Training with Bryce Media

Today I went to a two hour video training with Neil Bryce of Bryce Media.  I have gone to events over the past year and a half where he has been behind the camera, so I thought it would be interesting to learn his perspective on what makes a captivating video. 

I was right!  While I had to leave early because of carpool, I was impressed with the specific scripting steps that Neil gave.  I have always been more of a "wing it" type of person (which is why my videos stink) and this gave me a much better outline to focus on.

That is what I love about working with different coaches.  I usually have my head in the idea cloud and they bring me down to the basics and stay, 'START HERE."  It's awesome.  (My mom hates the word awesome.)

When I got to the Studio, I wandered around a bit because it is where Andrew Lock does his filming.  Andrew is the entrepreneur behind "Help!  My Business Sucks!"   On the walls were things like an original Star Wars script signed by Darth Vader (the actor, not the voice of James Earl Jones), signed Star Trek stuff, Back to the Future stuff, and Wizard of Oz stuff - all originals from the movie.  So cool!  I was really geeking out, being the movie buff that I used to be back when Columbia House had such great deals on videos.  In fact, I just went through all of my VHS videos the other day.  They are the only things in my house that are alphabetized.  My husband wants to get rid of our VHS player, but I refuse.  Some things need to be kept for the sake of posterity.  They already won't know what a cassette tape is at the rate things are going.

So, back to Neil - he does a free workshop every once in a while so keep him on your radar if you are looking to make videos to build your business!   And remember - by 2014 80% of all google searches will come up with videos.  Don't miss the boat!

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