Team Chocolate or Team Tropical!

A good friend of mine has fibromyalgia.  I read on some of the Beachbody message boards that Shakeology helps with fribromyalgia and that people who drink it regularly have fewer flare ups.  Over the weekend I gave her some to try out and she had it this morning.  She said that she would know in an hour if it caused problems because her muscles would start to ache.  It's 4pm and so far so good!  I really hope that it is something that will work for her. 

She is going to try Tropical Strawberry Shakeology tomorrow to see how it affects her and if she likes the flavor, but so far she says she is definitely Team Chocolate.

Today I did a Green Smoothie class at my friend's house and it was 2-2 Chocolate versus Tropical.  It's funny how much people seem to love one or the other.  I am firmly in the Chocolate camp, but I will drink Tropical, too.  

Are you a chocolate or fruit person?

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  1. Im on team chocolate. I havent tried the tropical....I like fruit but really usually dont like anything quote "tropical" because papayas and mangos I really dont like, at all. Im ok with berries, but not so much the other stuff... :)