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Mobility. Agility. Vitality.

Tai Cheng is an incredibly innovative fitness program, developed by martial arts master Dr. Mark Cheng. Using gentle, graceful movements, Tai Cheng helps increase flexibility and balance, strengthen areas around the joints, and even reduce pain.

That means it's the perfect program for nearly anyone you know who's looking to get healthier, including:

Very fit customers who want to build strength in problem areas and increase performance.

Anyone recovering from an injury or returning to exercise and looking for a low-impact solution to lose weight and create a stable foundation for future fitness.

People who want to help relieve pain and stiffness by releasing painful trigger points and maximizing mobility.

Seniors who want to stay mobile, maintain their strength and agility, and go on living active, engaged lifestyles.


Dr. Mark Cheng, creator of Tai Cheng, is a martial arts master trainer with 3 decades of experience in Tai Chi.  Dr. Cheng drew on his years of study and expertise to develop Tai Cheng, combining the ancient practices of Tai Chi and Qi Gong with modern sports science and functional movement training.            
From childhood on, our mobility decreases, until we lose our natural flexibility and strength. After awhile, we convince ourselves that it's natural to wake up with aches or fight through stiffness. But we can change that.

Tai Cheng's 18 basic movements can help open the joints, reduce painful knots in muscles, and return your body to a more balanced and flexible state, so your health can actually improve as you age.


The breakthrough teaching method developed by Dr. Cheng is called Dynamic Motion Control™. It helps you understand Tai Cheng and its movements by developing fluency, much like the way you learn a new language.

Dynamic Motion Control lets you experience the total mind-body benefits of the Tai Cheng program without overwhelming you by introducing you to too many moves at the same time. You make progress quickly and without stress.

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