Indy and the hot spot

We recently left Indy for 10 days with my bestie while we went to Arizona.  Huge shout out to my bestie for being willing to dogsit for that long!  She said he was well behaved, and the only problems were that her cat turned into a cougar and tried to attack Indy (he apparently just sat there and looked at her) and he got a hot spot on his leg, we think from stress and not knowing where we were.

When we picked him up Monday night he was ecstatic to see us.  I have never seen him quite so happy.  

Then we had the hot spot to deal with.  He kept on licking and so I decided to do some research.  By research I mean I asked the question on Facebook.  I love asking questions on Facebook and getting so much good advice.  Most people said to go to a vet, which we will probably do if these other things don't work.  My cute neighbor brought over some pads that the vet gave to her and we have started swabbing the hot spot with those.  

I am using cool water to clean it off a couple of times a day and applying a routine of lavender essential oil, frankincense, and melaleuca.  This has been successful in that he has stopped licking the hot spot and has been very relaxed from the lavender.  I haven't wrapped it, yet, because I am letting it dry out, but my plan is to bandage it when he is in his cage and at night.  I did that last night and he didn't chew off the bandage.  The oils seem to keep it from itching and bothering him. 

I will keep you updated!

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