Strange Houses in Salt Lake City

Last night I went up to Kim Flynn's retreat to say hi.  Instead of her cabin retreat, it was at a mansion in Salt Lake City.  The first thing that Marie Holleman, Joanie Tester, and I did when we arrived was take a tour of what may be one of the stranger houses I have seen in all of my years in Utah.

First stop, the Master Suite, where we have a 3 person jacuzzi tub, a walk in shower with a large open window and a strange curtain in front of it, and....stairs to a loft with twin beds.
But wait!  It's a double loft!  In the Master bedroom we have a large canopy bed...and a loft with a bed.  Apparently there were many people sleeping in the master suite of this 8000+ square foot house!  There were also fireplaces everywhere.

My favorite were these stairs to nowhere.  Literally.  I suspect they move at night ala Harry Potter.
In the basement there was a pool table and foosball table.  Upstairs there was a ping pong table.  One side opened up to the living room below.  It seems to me that the person with their back to that railing has a lot of pressure to keep ping pong balls from bouncing off the heads of those unfortunate souls sitting below.

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