Spring Fever

I don't know about you, but I am so ready for school to be out and I don't even go to school.  I haven't gone to school since 1995 (good grief - really?) when I graduated from college and called it good.  School is so wasted on the young, but that is a topic for another day.  

This week alone we have a zoo field trip, a play, testing is gearing up to start, and a garage sale.  The garage sale isn't for school, but it still factors into my business.  Oh, and I am also going to an all day Speakers Training Center seminar tomorrow with Elain Witt.  Elain and I are teaming up to create some help for people who are struggling to get employment because their phone interview skills aren't stellar.  Elain is an amazing storyteller and speaker.  I'm excited to sit at her feet and absorb her brilliance tomorrow.

Where was I?  Garage sale.  Yes, so then my next door neighbor said, "Let's have a garage sale!"  And I said, "Sure!"  And then we set a date and I realized last week that it's this Saturday.  Which meant spending 3 hours on Saturday going through stuff to figure out what we want to sell.  I haven't gone through any clothes, yet, however, so I need to do that sometime this week.  

But first I have to teach a green smoothie class on Wednesday night.  Then I have to either go to a church activity or a homeschool seminar (I'm not homeschooling, just looking for summer ideas and inspiration).  I haven't decided which one I am going to.  I also have to take care of my husband who sliced his finger last night on a mandolin (the veggie slicer, not the instrument) and now has four stitches.  He believes this gets him out of doing the dishes, but it doesn't.  He still has his left hand!  Just kidding (sort of).

Then there is still yardwork to do since it's fixin' to be hot this week.  It's almost making me want to plant summer crops (just stop!), except I know better.

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