Work Work Work

For the past two Spring/Summer seasons we have had family and friends living with us and therefore our Spring cleaning has been sub par.  Well, that has all caught up with us and we are realizing that we are pack rats bordering on hoarders.  We have committed to spending 3 hours each Saturday morning working through each room until things are deep cleaned, organized, and happy.  This includes some painting, patching, touch ups, etc. etc. etc.  It also involves dusting, cleaning out storage (we have two DISH receivers that were sitting in storage), organizing and doing inventory on food storage.    We have so many fix-it things going on, too.  The sprinkler in the back, the spigot in the front, etc. etc. etc.  The one thing that keeps me going is that I am burning tons of calories. 

What is on your Spring Cleaning agenda?

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