Bring It! A Beachbody Review

Those of you who have done P90X may or may not relate to this depending on age, weight, energy level, etc. etc.  This is the best Beachbody Review that I have ever will see why.

My point is - I am 40 and today I did a round-off.  I also did a split jump (and almost crash-landed).  In high school I did both of them daily.  It is because of P90X in 2009, Turbofire in 2011, and Les Mills PUMP/Turbofire in 2012 that I can do them at all 20 years later.  Seriously.  I impressed some 12 year old girls with my skillzzzzz, and that isn't easy to do.

Am I right?

That being said, I was already sore before starting my workout this afternoon.  Awesome.  I love feeling every snap, crackle and pop!  It reminds me I am alive and it also reminds me of what I can do still.  I promised the 12 year old girls that I would google How to do an Aerial so that I would know how to coach them.

That's right.  I am coaching 12 year old girls in gymnastics at the park.  The big secret being that I never took gymnastics.

In case you are curious, this is a good video on how to do an aerial.

What I am trying to say is, if you are in your early 20s or your 30s or your 40s or beyond, keep going.  Keep trying new things.  Keep working new muscles.  It's because I have done Beachbody Workouts for the past few years that I ROCKED the park today.  Bring it!

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