This is Just Like Budapest

Tonight I saw The Avengers.  I always like to watch trailers after I see a movie so I can see what they cut from the movie, but left in the trailer.  It makes me feel smart.  Kind of like watching this movie.  Joss Whedon is wicked smart.  I recognized the humor from Buffy.  Fun Fact:  Alyson Hannigan recommended that Joss Whedon audition Robin Scherbatsky (I don't really know the actress's name) for the part she ultimately got.  I mean, when did Buffy end?  It's all a network - a big crazy Hollywood network.

It's also going to be motivating when I work out tomorrow while channeling my inner "Black Widow".  Do you think she does Les Mills PUMP


  1. Cool!! Erik and I saw The Avengers last night,too. We loved it. Black Widow was the bomb.

  2. p.s. "you and I remember Budapest very differently". (or something like that :)