How to Nutrify Your Food

This picture makes me happy.  I see all of the nutrients that they include.  It makes me want to garden and eat lots of fruits and vegetables and go to farmer's markets.  (I still want to shave my legs, though.)  I wish I could grow everything in this picture in my garden, but I can't so I am grateful for grocery stores.

As I write, my husband is grinding wheat for homemade pizza dough tonight.  He has added garlic and oregano to the crust.  We got our Bountiful Basket this morning and it had onions and bell peppers that we can add to the pizza tonight.  I also have beautiful basil growing in my garden and some sundried tomatoes.  I even thought about throwing some sweet potato on one. 

Here's the deal - adding nutrients to food is not difficult.  Add an herb here, an extra vegetable there...voila!  It's not like you have to braise artichokes (I don't know how) to make your meal interesting.  Get creative!  Here are two recommendations:

Smoothies - you can put almost anything in smoothies, fruits or vegetables.

Soups - the great thing about veggies is that they all work together for a variety of fantastic flavors.  Add herbs and seasonings and there is your powerhouse of nutrients

Salads - Go nuts on your salad (literally!).  Add raw sunflower seeds, almonds, pumpkin seeds, fruits, vegetables....and make your own salad dressing!  

A friend asked me recently if eating this way is time consuming and complicated.  On the contrary, thawing meat and marinating it and cooking it is time consuming.  Chopping up vegetables is easy.  Blending fruits and greens is easy.  Even cooking up steel cut oats, the pinnacle of difficulty when it comes to oats, is easy.  

Did you know that Tony Horton, creator of P90X, P90X2, and 10 Minute Trainer eats a primarily plant-based diet?  He also eats chicken and fish from time to time.  Eating a plant-based diet does not mean that you need to give up all meat!

So throw in those nutrients and see what changes come along in your health!  Join the Sanity Health Challenge starting in June for more ideas and support!  

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