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Over the weekend my Raw Food friend came over to visit me, because she has to.  Just kidding!  In my church we have a program called Visiting Teaching, where women are assigned to check up on each other and serve each other whenever possible.  I happen to have a fantastic set of visiting teachers who plan their visits a month in advance on my calendar.  I have never had that before.  

Last month when she came, she took pictures of my eyes.  She did an apprenticeship in Iridology (which I had never heard of), the premise being that you can see toxins that correspond to organs in your body, in your iris.  I looked it up after she left and found both pro and con like everything else in the world, but figured it would be interesting to hear about what she saw.  

The amazing thing was that what she saw is about on target.  She said the systems and organs that have the most problem are my lymphatic system (true - lymphedema is a secondary issue that I have because of my chronic veinous insufficiency) and my pancreas (not surprising since diabetes runs in my family).  

What she recommended is that I eat 60% raw and 40% cooked, and that 15% of my meal can be outside of what you see above.  I am doing that for the most part already, but I can still shift the percentages.  I eat more grains than is above now that I am addicted to steel cut oats.  However, this being the start of the season of fresh fruits and vegetables, it's a good time to start.  She said that there are different recommendations on what to eat based on the different seasons of the year.  I was pretty fascinated by it all.  She is one of those people who look ageless like a Veela.  

She also said, "It will do more damage if you are stressed out about eating cheese on pizza than to just eat cheese on pizza."  Have I mentioned how much I adore my visiting teacher?

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