Wishing for a Peaceful Easy Life

My husband and I are making some changes in how we lead our lives and today I was watching a video that discussed being a "Statesman".  One of the speakers said, "Most Statesmen would love to sit back and wish for a peaceful, easy life, but they recognize that they have a gift and are willing to strengthen and build upon that gift."  

Another question:  How do you become a Statesman?

When you find yourself concerned with spending your time trying to figure out problems in order to serve others.  

In the past weeks I have had a few people enlighten me that I have a Savior complex.  It's true.  I will own that.  I am a jump-in-without-a-life-preserver-to-save-people from....well, whatever.  Themselves?  I don't know.  I just know that I have been willing to deal with the hard stuff that others have had thrown at them.  As a result, I have not had a peaceful, easy life.  If I look at my individual life, most of my challenges have been because of what I have allowed others to bring into my life.  

I'm trying to hand over my Savior complex to the Savior and instead become a Statesman.  I want my life to be about serving others, but I don't want to get in the way of others learning the lessons that they came to earth to learn.  

I feel like I am often straddling a line between playing big in my life and playing it safe.  Some days I feel like we should sell all of our furniture and our house and rent a condo and travel the world (except my husband does have a job and they prefer it when he shows up), and some days I want to build a dream house.  This is when my life ADD kicks in and I have to drill down to what the truly important things in life are.  

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