Healthy Is Not "Easy" - thoughts on Body By Vi

I had an old friend invite me to a "Body By Vi" party.  I have quite a few friends who are Body By Vi reps, and I love them dearly.  DEARLY.  However, this is an area where I would agree to disagree, because what I am promoting in my life and my health challenge is not in line with the ingredients in Body By Vi.

These are the selling points that they have given me:

1.  Body By Vi Shakes taste like cake mix.   

My Response:  Gross?  It may be fantastic, I haven't tried it, but I can't imagine eating something that tastes like cake mix every day.  I think it would launch me into a sugar frenzy and I certainly have had enough of those.

2.  It is cheaper than Shakeology.

My Response:  For an individual shake, this is true.  However, when I took a look at the program, I realized that their program promotes two shakes a day (Shakeology is just one) and therefore it is the same price per day.   And to purchase their "big" program that is what they recommend to lose weight, you pay up to $299 a month.  That doesn't include a workout.  The most expensive Challenge Pack with Beachbody is $245 and that includes a month of Shakeology and the entire Les Mills Pump workout (including the barbell with weights!). 

3.  You can lose weight fast.

My Response:  I don't doubt it.  The shakes are 90 calories each.  If you drink two a day then you aren't getting the calories that your body needs for basic functions.  It also says it has 100% of your daily fiber.  I have read a GREAT DEAL about this, and for fiber to truly do its work, it needs to come from whole foods.  

Besides those three arguments, comparing the Body By Vi shakes to Shakeology as far as ingredients, Shakeology wins for me hands down.  There is no corn or soy in Shakeology, and it is certified low glycemic index.  It is also gluten free.  There are also three different flavors - Chocolate, Greenberry, and Vegan Tropical Strawberry.  I am sure that they will come out with a Vegan Chocolate soon, because there is definitely a demand for it. 

What I love about Beachbody is that it combines Nutrition + Fitness + Support.  While nutrition is 80% of health, it is important to get the benefits of exercise.  The programs that Beachbody have created are challenging, and they are tailored to different levels of fitness.  They have done their homework and they are about fighting global obesity and achieving true health.  They provide meal plans that are comprehensive with all of their workout programs.  Meal plans designed to complement the workouts so that you are getting the fuel you need.  It is a much bigger idea than just losing weight.

Being healthy is not "easy".  Losing weight and keeping it off is not "easy".  I have done hcg and gained it all back because it wasn't enough to change me mentally.  I have followed Beachbody programs and my own Sanity Health Challenge and have lost 25 lbs over the past year that I have been able to keep off because I DID change my mindset.

Those are my thoughts.  I am sure that there are many who agree and disagree with me on this, but I am okay with that!

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  1. SO WEIRD - I was just Googling side by side comparisons of this yesterday. I don't think replacing 2 meals a day is good for your body at all. Also, from what I read - BbVi shakes are 1 flavor and you have to buy the additives to change that up, so there you have another additional cost to it.