Being Normal

I had a frustrated friend talk to me the other night.  She said she didn't care about washboard abs, she didn't even have a desire to be "skinny".  She just wanted to lose some weight and not be the largest woman in the room.

I have SO been in that boat.  My college roommates were all either tall and thin or shirt and tiny.  Then there was me in the middle.  I was always hiding behind them in hopes that I would just blend in.  Shopping with them at our girls' weekends was a nightmare.  They shopped in stores with cute and trendy clothes while I sought out Eddie Bauer because if it didn't fit me in the women's section, I could always try the men's jeans on for size.  They didn't understand why I would end up so frustrated that they were trying on size 2 and the store didn't even carry my size.

I am a totally average American woman.  Seriously.  I am the average height, the average weight, the average size....but I am not the average health on the inside.  On the inside my numbers look like a rockstar.  And, I am 40.  At the age of 40, what on earth is the importance of washboard abs?  I've had two c-sections.  A six pack is not in the cards for me, and I am totally okay with that.

The Sanity Health Challenge is for real women who want to lose weight and be healthy without the pressure that can come from a personal trainer.  Women who want the group support and accountability without the guilt or competition.  That is exactly what I wanted 25 lbs ago.  

I'm not skinny.  I'm not even thin by media definition.  I'm no longer the largest girl in the room and that is good enough for me.

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