Meanest Mom Moments

I like to tell my kids that I am the meanest mom in the whole wide world because it usually makes them laugh and tell me I am not.  It's all about the validation, folks.  However, this morning I had a mean mom moment.  In fact, it was a manipulative mean mom moment.  

I decided to make chocolate zucchini muffins this morning because I knew that I was going to set my kids up for failure.  Yesterday I had a great deal of push back on doing any sort of cleaning.  I tried to make it a "Mom's Helper" sort of thing, but I think my kids know I am bluffing and that I just want them to pick up their crap.  So today I made the muffins, knowing it is Friday and we usually go to Kneaders on Friday.  My daughter is addicted to their pumpkin muffin tops (I am, too, but it isn't on the Ultimate Reset menu) and really really really wanted one.

So I said, "If we get everything done and I don't have to ask you more than once, we can go."

Well.....needless to say, they didn't get everything done, and there may have been some weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth when I said that they didn't earn Kneaders.  Instead I cheerfully said, "At least I made the chocolate muffins!"  

My 6 year old daughter stomped off into her room proclaiming it the worst day ever.  

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