Eating Raw Foods

Over the past year I have gotten into growing sprouts and eating more raw foods that are in the process of growing.  I have read a great deal about the health benefits of these foods, and in my quest to eat more alkaline foods, these are about the best.  Sprouts have an abundance of phytochemicals, which are what protect us the most against diseases and illness.  

Not all sprouts are the same, and getting a variety is important.  I put them on sandwiches and salads when I can.  They aren't hard to grow!  Here are the steps:

1.  Start with a seed sprouting jar.   Soak your seeds in 4x the amount of water for 6-8 hours.  
2.  Drain and spread into a seed sprouting tray.  I like the one above because it is easy to move around and keep damp.
3.  Spread the seeds out so that they are pretty even, and then cover with the bottom tray.  I stack them on top of each other with a lid on top.  
4.  Every few hours, lightly spray the seeds with water so that they are kept damp.  In about 24 hours you will see the start of sprouts.  Keep doing this until you get the sprouts to the size you want them.
5.  Eat them straight out of the sprouting tray, put them on salads, sandwiches, or even in smoothies (they will have a strong flavor in smoothies so use sparingly).

One thing that I would really recommend is getting a sprout mix so that you get a mix of the flavors.  Often in the store they only have alfalfa, but if you get the mix then you get a wide variety of enzymes and nutrients. 

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