Start Your Summer with a Shakeology Cleanse

Shakeology Cleanse Instructions

Once starting the Shakeology cleanse it is an excellent idea to repeat every three months or so. The Shakeology cleanse is like a reprieve for your body, so every three months is a great way to maintain a healthy balance inside. Additionally, you should always begin a Shakeology cleanse during a three day time frame that you can totally commit to following through on all of the days. 

Not completing the cleanse in the manner in which it is supposed to be done can lead to less than stellar results.

The Shakeology 3 day cleanse contains more elements than the Shakeology drink itself; these other items will have to be picked up prior to starting day one if you do not already have them. These additional items include:
  • Green tea
  • Low calorie snacks
  • Ingredients for Salad (can include fish or poultry)
  • Low fat dressing
  • Fruit (optional)
Furthermore, no dairy or additional sugar is allowed; though two to four liters of water should be ingested daily to maintain hydration and to hasten the expulsion of toxins.

A daily regimen during the Shakeology cleanse would go like this:

Upon waking:
1 cup of green tea upon rising in morning

1 serving of Shakeology with ice and water (fruit is optional, no more than a cup)

Snack 1:
1 piece of fruit (your choice)

1 serving Shakeology with ice and water (fruit optional)
1 cup of green tea

Snack 2:
(Last snack of day can be done either before or after dinner)
1 serving Shakeology with ice and water

Salad and 3 serving of greens and vegetables, 4 ounces of protein (fish or poultry), and no more than two tablespoons of low fat dressing.

Each of the 3 days of the Shakeology cleanse would follow the same schedule of eating. If also completing an exercise program like P90X or something similar you may want to include the optional fruit in your daily breakdown, this will give your body more energy to burn so you won’t disrupt your workout routine. But, if you are not participating in a heavy workout schedule then you will get the best results by opting to leave the fruit out.

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