Hip Hop Hustle Certification

Yesterday I took a Hip Hop Hustle Certification Training through Chalene Johnson's company, Powder Blue Productions

What?  Yup, you read that right!  And guess what?  Remember a few years ago when I was regularly going to Dance Jam at Lifetime Fitness?  The instructor, Kaycee, was in the Hip Hop Hustle Training!  It was just one of those idol moments for me.  

 We spent 8 hours in the training and about 5 of those hours was actually working out, learning technique, repetition in the moves, and practice, practice, practice.  I changed my clothes twice during the day because I was a little drenched.  I took Shakeology and seeds, nuts, and energy balls to keep me going.  Sore doesn't even begin to describe what I am feeling today.  Last night my knees were on fire and I was up half the night icing them down and rubbing them with deep blue rub.  But it was soooo worth it and I had so much fun.  And now I get to pull in all of my friends and neighbors to learn Hip Hop Hustle while I practice on them.  

Next up:  PiYo Training!

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