James Holmes

I recently read a blog post about James Holmes that reminded me once again that I always need to be in the mindset of continuous progression.  It is when we are stagnant in our growth that we slide backwards, and when we slide backwards, we open ourselves to evil.  I read another post on Life Manifestos that recommended three ways to keep progressing:
  1. A transformational book to read.
  2. A burning curiosity to satisfy.
  3. A significant creation to manifest. 
This isn't new to me.  I attend seminars and bootcamps a few times a year that suggest that reading inspirational books, service, and manifesting the dreams that you have inside of you are critical for you to feel like you are really living life.  That doesn't necessarily mean that what you create has to change THE world.  Just that it can change YOUR world.   

The recent Colorado shootings have reminded me once again, that no matter who you are, you have demons that you are battling.   When James Holmes was born, he was perfect and pure, but over time, circumstances in his life taught him lessons that led him to an act that horrifies the world and serves evil.  And yet, while we are all horrified, it begs the question:

What did he go through to get to that point, and would I ever do something like that?

Most of us would argue that we never would.  However, there was probably a time in his life when James Holmes would say that he never would do something like that, either.

That is why it is so critical to keep moving forward, keep progressing, and to teach our children how to do it as well. 

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