Kardiaxyme is Available!

Kardiaxyme is available now!

If you have been following my blog at all, you know that I started on my health journey because of Chronic Veinous Insufficiency in my legs.  One of the things that I really battle is inflammation.  Recently a friend introduced me to Kardiaxyme.  It is just now becoming available, so I wanted to share it here!  Includes a unique blend of 14 different sea-based polyphenols!

The Ingredients in KardiaXyme...
-- Remove free radicals and toxins with a powerful, unique marine polyphenol complex
-- Promote optimum cellular function and a balanced response to cellular stress
-- Support cartilage in joints and healthy... joint function
-- Support healthy blood vessel function
-- Help maintain healthy lipid levels
-- Promote healthy blood viscosity for optimal flow
-- Help maintain healthy blood sugar levels
-- Support delivery of oxygen and nutrients to energize tissue and cells

Read on to learn more about Kardiaxyme!

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