Eating Right

Most of us are interested in eating right.  Eating right can be simple or hard based on what you are willing to do.  By eating right, you can change your health and body both inside and out.  Eating right means different things to different people.  There are many diets out there that claim they will help you lose weight.  However, eating right also means health on the inside.  Eating right means eating whole foods, not foods that are stored on shelves.  The nutrition pyramid at Choose My Plate recommends whole grains, beans, legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and everything else sparingly.  Eating right also means choosing the most healthy diet for you and your lifestyle. 

When you are eating right, you can tell the difference.  You have more energy, lose weight, and can get the things done that you need to throughout the day.  When you are not eating right, you feel sluggish and are probably full of toxic chemicals from processed foods.  The more nutrients your body gets, the healthier you feel.  That comes from eating right. 

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