Today is Pioneer Day in the great state of Utah.  True story - I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, but I spent my summers in Utah, and was always here for July 24th.  It wasn't until I moved to Virginia when I was 25 that I realized Pioneer Day was not, in fact, a National Holiday.  I just figured the whole country celebrated any pioneers, ever, on July 24th.

I am a descendent of many pioneers who came to Salt Lake City.  Sylvester Henry Earl, Jefferson Hunt, Edward Bunker, Addison Pratt, and Louisa Barnes Pratt, just to name a few.  These were amazing people, with amazing strength, and I like to think that I got a little bit of that.  

So today I honor pioneers everywhere.  Anyone who has ever set out to do something hard, and do something different, to change generations!

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