Five Areas of Health to Consider

This past weekend I spent some time talking to a friend of mine who is a life coach about the 5 areas of health.  Then today I spent some time talking to a different friend about governing principles that apply to all areas of life.  One of those "aha!" moments for me.  I am working on revamping the Sanity Health Challenge to put it into a more user friendly program.  We will call it SHC2.0.  I am hoping to release it this Fall and am pretty excited about it.  I am taking a look at these five areas in my own life and using my principles from the health challenge to move across all areas.  I also love that I get to promote people I like and their businesses on Salt Lake City Our City Radio.  It gets seen way more than my little blog, so it is a way to help launch people a bit more.  I'm excited that Our City Radio has opened up their blogging system to others as well!  Even if you just want to promote your own business, this is a great (and inexpensive) option.  If you want to promote affiliates, even better!  If you want more information, sign up here!

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  1. Ok, thanks you to you I've posted two posts on Our City Radio and one "villager" is very happy with me because one post is about him! Great stuff and a couple of people are re-using the post already. Thanks for the tip and keep all your great work going!