Homeschool Starts Now

Homeschool started for us this week.  We decided to homeschool because we wanted to spend more time with our children, and have more flexibility as a family to study subjects that pertain to us.  I looked around at homeschool curriculum, but life led me to Thomas Jefferson Education and the Leadership Education Mentoring Institute and sometimes things just make sense.  Now that we have a week under our belts, I am realizing just how flexible I can be with it.  I realize that I don't have to fit homeschooling into the hours of 8 to 3.  I mean, we can do night.  Or in the morning.  We have the choice.  We can do art for as long as we want and there are no bells.  No carpool and spending 60 minutes a day waiting in carpool lines.  It's rather liberating.  I also get hugs and kisses throughout the day and my house is actually cleaner because I have kids that now have "Life Skills" in their curriculum.  My goal this year is for them to be able to do their laundry completely on their own and we are pretty close to that now.  I also get to do "Ms. Mom" lessons where I can teach them fun stuff and serious stuff.  We can have devotionals and scripture reading and write stories.  We can read and read and read.  And read.  We are currently reading 3 books out loud.  If they get mixed up in our minds it will be weird.  Little House at Hogwarts run by Prince Caspian.  

In a few weeks they will start going to their New Commonwealth School classes.  My son will go to Knights of Freedom where he will read biographies of statesmen and learn virtues.  My daughter will go to Liberty Girls where she will read the American Girl Doll books and have book clubs and activities and field trips to learn about 1764.  Next semester we will add classes from Leadership Education Academy.  They also get to go to Ignite Academy once a week, which they went to for a week long camp this summer. 

Ask me again how I feel in mid-February, but for the moment I love it!

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