What Do Book Club Books and Water Have in Common?

What do Book Club Books and Water Have in Common?  Probably not much, because you sure wouldn't want to mix the two, but they are just two topics I've been chatting about over at Salt Lake City Our City Radio this week. 

I also can bring on new bloggers so if you are getting sick of my topics, join up and write your own fun stuff! 

I've also had Homeschooling on my mind because we started a couple of weeks ago.  It has taken a couple of weeks to get into a routine, and we probably still aren't there, yet, but that is the beauty of learning together.  Today I told my kids we were taking the day off from "school", but we still did a bunch of school stuff.  Ha!  Tricked them!

They didn't seem to care all that much.  I bought them $1 calculators at Walmart to appease them.  I'm saving all of my extra $ to get certified in Beachbody workouts like P90X and Brazil Butt Lift (not sure if I have the charisma of Leandro, but I can do a mean British accent). 

And in the meantime, now I can get good deals AND salivate over food over at Butter, with a Side of Bread.

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